Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Love Texas Style

Yahoo! Kick up your heels and set your lasso to pull in a great read.

Love Texas Style, an anthology written by twelve -- dare I say, yes, I do -- unbelievably talented North Texas Romance writers, is now available through the Wild Rose Press.

E-books are available at: The Wild Rose Press

Want your own autographed print version? Then check back here or at LA Mitchell's blog for the latest on book-signings.

Oh, and make sure to drop LA Mitchell (one of the greatest new writers of our times) a line and let her know how much you enjoyed her The Lost Highway in Love Texas Style.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

Wow, Sandra. You're either a wonderful kiss up with alterior motives or are unashamedly biased. You just gave me the sweetest bounce to my day:)

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~Watch your step! Cacti, tumbleweeds, and an occasional armadillo might be ahead.

~Welcome to the land of tar-bubbling summers, gas-guzzling pickup trucks, standard Stetson headgear, and mile-high hair.

~Welcome to the Lone Star State, and Romance With A Texas Twist!

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