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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Book Cover

I am just a wee bit excited at the moment. I’ve given birth to a book. Surprisingly, the labor pains of writing and delivering a child are remarkably similar.

This book cover represents ten years of determination and gutsy tenacity, and a whole lot of hard work.

Recently, author Lori Wilde said if you’re a writer depending on luck, you aren’t working hard enough. I’ll second Lori’s thoughts. I thought luck would be the final push to ultimate publication: meeting the right agent at a conference, pitching to an editor who would love my voice, falling across a publisher who couldn’t wait to print my books. None of those things happened. Though I certainly queried enough agents, pitched to enough editors and yep, stalked enough publishers at national conferences. (Fellow RWA members will understand this technique.) In the end, luck really had nothing to do with publishing. Success in writing has been a long road: curved so I couldn’t see all the obstacles still in front and so I would forget all the trials in the past; bumpy so that I needed to hang on with both hands to keep my dream; and incredibly discouraging to make me fight to win. The dream of writing . . . no, of writing well, is not for the faint of heart.

Like childbirth . . . would I do it again? Commit my time and effort to carry the burden of intricate plot, to develop dynamic dialogue, to weave the threads until finally delivering something worthy to the reading public? In a heartbeat!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Breaking for Spring . . .

The family was ALL home for Spring Break, which is joyous for a mom and wife, and deadly for a writer.

I did manage to squeeze in time to write a new book blurb for my upcoming release. Don’t know yet whether it was accepted or the editors will opt for something different.

At present, I’m waiting for the galleys to come back from my publisher and to see the release of my front cover! Wow, this part is exciting.

As for family time. . . we engaged in several ‘fun day’ activities. We took a Vantrip to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Great spot—that’s located an hour and a bit from the Fort Worth area. Yep, at this state park, they really do have dinosaur tracks. The tracks have been preserved in some special cement mixture that protects them from the elements, but has in fact kept the exact imprint of the track. Pretty cool! The tracks are in the Paluxy river, so conditions do have to be just right in order to view. If the river is too high from excess rain or cloudy (again, useless from spring flash flooding), then it’s a no-go on viewing. This is the first time we’ve been back with older kids. There is a super picnic area or a short drive into Glen Rose and there are a few restaurant choices. At the park there are some great trails to explore for the older bunch. And if the weather is warm enough, the river is perfect for a sunny afternoon dip.

Have you ever seen a dinosaur track? Share your secret spot?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Great Spring Break spot . . .

Hey, where are you headed for Spring Break?

The kids are almost free from school for a week, and it’s time for a quick idea for a little get-away.

Check out The Alamo

San Antonio is always a fun place to visit, and this site can provide lots of details for any spring break event. (One of the best reasons to visit. . . not many college kids head to The Alamo for their break—probably too much like studying.) But my younger crew has always enjoyed walking through the museum, re-enacting the last Alamo battle, and then finding some great Mexican food or real Texas Chicken Fried Steak on the River Walk to top off the evening.

We’ve managed to find some superb hideaways in San Antonio—a few have been reasonable and right on the River Walk. **Hint**While looking for a great River Walk deal--stay away from the large chain hotels. Your booking success will depend on how much time you want to invest in the ‘on-line’ search. Staying off the River Walk has been fun as well, and certainly reasonably priced. San Antonio is an easy town to navigate—plenty of ‘Tourist’ signs posted for even the most directionally challenged.

A word of warning—if you have a student studying Texas History this year, then brush up on the facts. Kids do really learn this stuff in school. It can be MIGHTY embarrassing when your 10-year-old rattles off the date of the last Alamo battle, and you're simply clueless. FYI: The final assault took place on March 6, 1836.

For anyone counting . . . that’s 171 years ago—Today!

Leave a comment and share your get-away ideas!

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