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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rosemary Clements-Moore

Here's to Absolutely Thrilling News!

Last week, Rosemary Clements-Moore won the most prestigious award, a RITA, given by romance writers from around the world. Romanace Writers of America (RWA to those who belong) selected HELL WEEK as a top finalist for the Young Adult category. This contest is judged by fellow romance writers and authors, a tough group to impress. Rosemary carried home the gold statue in honor of the accolades for her book, HELL WEEK. This is Rosemary's 2nd book in the series. Truly top honors for a great author.

Icing on the cake is that Rosemary's 3rd book, when released, wasn't even shelved by the big B & N. Yep, that's right. They, like everyone else, are cutting back and trimming corners. As a result, fewer new authors, and those who aren't 'list-best-selling' authors, are scoring actual floor space inside the brick and mortar bookstores. Being inside the industry means that we're all supposed to play nice, and while I understand cutting back -- don't we all -- as a newer author the fact that we can't command shelf space because a more established author needs 25 slots is not a happy thought.

So, here's kudos to Rosemary, who proved beyond a shadow that even if the big boys and girls in publishing aren't always willing to take a chance on the 'newbie', the reading public still is.

By the way if you want Rosemary's 3rd in the series, the one not stocked by B & N, you could order it directly from Amazon, OR head to your nearest bookstore and tell them to order your copy in. If enough readers demand to see great new authors on the shelves, book-sellers will listen.

Wow! If we could only get through to congress that easily. But that's totally another post.

If you're looking for a great summer read for yourself or your young adult reader, demand a copy of any of Rosemary's book in this series.

Happy reading.
Until I see you again at the porch.

Friday, July 17, 2009

What you know and how to write it in an article . . .

Article writing 101 . . . actually, it's more like pre-101, however, it's been tremendous fun sharing a number of the writing lessons I've learned. Good writing is important for everyone -- a point I'm constantly making to my kids. Whatever the career, whatever the emphasis, everyone needs to know how to communicate, and communicating through written word is crucial. Apparently, EZine magazine thinks it's important, too, because they've accepted several of my articles regarding writing.

They sent this link: ezinearticles for my Clear and Concise Writing.

For those of you who don't think you could write an article, consider all the things that you know how to do -- there will be a lot! If you can break it down into steps, then you can become an article writer.

It's hot here on the porch -- matter of fact there is no sitting on the porch until we pull out of the 100s, 17 days so far this summer. Upswing is that it's even too hot for the mosquitoes.

Until next time

Monday, July 6, 2009

Friends . . .

Many of you are working fast and furious for the upcoming RWA convention -- to all of you, I say 'Hats off and may this be a wonderfully successful conference.'

To my lovely critique partner, L.A. Mitchell, who is up for her second Golden Heart, may this year be truly golden and you walk away with the trophy (and more importantly, a publishing contract).

To critique partners Sherry A. Davis, (RWA National PRO Liaison and author of romantic comedy), Here Comes The Bribe, and Mary Karlik, fantasy and YA writer, may the publishing doors swing wide open for you at this conference.

Fellow critique partner, Delores, and I will be sitting this one out. However, we'd better get phone calls when all the good news starts pouring in.

Several months ago, Mary K.'s lovely daughter, Kate, married. Per typical Mary fashion she'd hired the photographer to snap pics of all the wedding antics. Here below are my lovely 'Flip-Flop' sisters, i.e. my critique partners.

It was loads of fun and some truly warm moments for old, er, mature friends to share. For those of us who write, critique partners become our sanity. With all those voices bouncing around inside our heads, it's mandatory to have voices on the outside -- voices of reason and understanding -- who keep we writers grounded.

If you're writing and you haven't found your inner circle for critiquing, I strongly urge you to seek out those who want to spend their days with fanny firmly planted to the writing chair. No one else truly understands this madness called writing.

Cheers for conference good news, and critique partners.

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