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Friday, May 31, 2019

Universal Truths from CHILDHOOD to ADULTHOOD to OLD AGE!

As I've aged, I learned several universal truths. I ran across a few of these in past emails and wanted to share the wisdom.


From the youngest to the oldest, it's often the simple pleasures that measure our success.

Childhood wisdom . . . trial and error. Sometimes, the smartest in the room are the youngest.

Families . . . middle age . . . and adulting when you'd rather be relaxing on a beach with a drink & umbrella.

And finally, with age comes WISDOM . . . or does it?

Final thoughts . . . too important to be left out: Dog Wisdom

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Marrying Winterborne (The Ravenels #2)

Marrying Winterborne, The Ravenels #2 by Lisa Kleypas is my favorite book in The Ravenels series.

Lisa Kleypas sets up the perfect opposing protagonists when hard-hearted business tycoon, Rhys Winterborne sets out to seduce and then win the notoriously shy, Helen Ravenel.

This romantic historical story is guaranteed to make readers cheer for both sides.

More than reforming a rake: this tale is about redeeming a man who has lived a necessary hard life, who makes no apologies for his tough attitude, and who secretly adores the sweetest of women, Helen Ravenel.

Captured on the pages of Marrying Winterborne, NY Times best-selling author, Lisa Kleypas takes readers on a journey that proves the loving touch of a good woman can indeed smooth off the rough edges of a world-weary man.

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