Thursday, August 30, 2007

13 Things You Don't Want to Hear your Kid Say

After mothering for almost a score of years, I've decided there are a number of things that no matter which of your kids (daughters or sons) say, it normally means disaster. At least a little one . . .

1) I don’t know what happened to the dog/cat/bird/hamster/guinea pig – honest.

2) But I only added a little soap. I don’t know where all those bubbles came from.

3) Sure I closed the fridge door. Oh, you meant all the way!

4) Little Johnny said there isn’t any stork. So where do babies really come from?

5) Did I get the keys? You mean, like before I closed the car door?

6) Little Johnny’s mom said he could spend the night – forever.

7) There’s something wrong with the car.

8) The puppy loved my bowl of chili.

9) Mom, something in the microwave just exploded.

10) Hey, look, mom, I can flick the lighter. See On. Off. On. Off. Nope, I don’t smell anything burning.

11) But Little Johnny swallowed one, too.

12) The teacher needs to see you. Again.

And my personal favorite . . . 13) Mom, we have a problem.


No Nonsense girl said...

Oh my god!! such funnies. :)

Great TT!!!!

mar said...

LOL, thanks for a good laugh, I had forgotten some of those!!
Hibiscus: it doesn't get below 45ยบ where I live so I guess THAT makes a came with the house we bought 14 years ago and it was already very big.
Happy thursday!!

Elle Fredrix said...


My younger brother and I used to go through the medicine cabinet and mix up this big chemical concotion. Everything. Cough syrup, toothpaste, shampoo, pepto bismal, you name it. If it was there, we added it. It would bubble and fizz and stink and we would laugh our butts off. Till mom caught us!

Donald Douglas said...

Stopping in to say hello! Hope you're well!

And have a great weekend!

Shannon Canard said...

I know something is definitely up whenever The Boy looks at me and says, "What!?"

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