Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What's with?

My bulk email box is piling up faster than the kitchen floor when a two-year-old is loose with a box of cheerios. Okay, so I don't have a two-year-old anymore, but I remember.

Back to the email . . . what is with all the e-card announcments from companies such as, greetings.com, shoebox.com, 123card.com, etc? Pick a card title and it's been in my Inbox. I supposedly have received e-cards from mates, friends, spouses, loved ones, school buddies and on and on. I managed 4 to 5 of these little missives per day. I don't know that many people, much less people who would like me well enough to send me an e-card. So what gives?

Is your Inbox filling up with an influx of e-cards? Then enlighten me, please. I can always stand some enlightening.

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