Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Diva Bookshelf

All right, so this is fun. My romantic suspense release has been highlighted on Diva Bookshelf. Just click on the title 'Diva Bookshelf' for a quick pop-over.

Yes, this is more shameless self-promotion, but this is part of an author's job.

Have a great Sunday, everyone.


L.A. Mitchell said...

Since I couldn't leave a comment over there, I'll leave one here :-)

She may have given a summary, but I drop endorsements everywhere. Your relaxed, Southern wit and sarcasm really make this book sing, along with sexual tension that hums like an electrical current.

Can't wait 'til the signing!

Kay Dennison said...

This looks fun!

Sandra Ferguson said...

Wow! Thanks for that support, LA. You can endorse my writing anytime.

Elle Fredrix said...

Good luck on the book signing. Unfortunately, it's a little too far away, or I would pop by.

Have a great week.

Sandra Ferguson said...

Ah, come on Elle, it's just . . . what an 11-hour flight. I'll even by you dinner! *GRIN*

Thanks for the encouraging words, Elle!

Sandra Ferguson said...

Okay, Elle, how about if I buy you dinner! Wow, you'd think a writer would catch that typo, but then I haven't had enough hot tea yet.

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