Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Another Harm's Way review

Okay, I'm a double poster today . . . try not to hold that against me.

BUT, I just got another review from a fellow Wild Rose Press Author who said . . .

Yay, Sandra!

I agree with the reviewer. I just finished Harm’s Way on the weekend and
loved it! Rom Suspense is my favorite read so there was no question I'd buy
it after I read the blurb.

And your descriptions of the forest in Portofino were dead on. I've
walked through it before, and I felt as if I was there again.

Looking forward to more from the Donavans. I love series.

By . . . Elle Fredrix
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1 comment:

Michelle said...

Thank you, Sandra, for your kind words.

Congrats, too, on your release, Harm's Way. Love the cover, and the title.


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