Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Business Card Website

Useful writer site:

Looking for self-promotion ideas? Business cards lend the air of professionalism to any business--why not to a writer? I found a great site at Vistaprint to order ‘nice’ business cards for reduced rates.

I clicked on their webpage and and signed up for their mailings and received a number of Free offers. Okay, they were FREE from a select grouping of their stock paper and IF I paid for the shipping, which was reasonable.

Below are the cards I had made for just the cost of shipping. That’s inexpensive enough to use a different card for each of my book releases. Hey, I believe it thinking positive and that I will have scads of new book releases.

On my actual cards, I added phone numbers, but not an address. Not really advisable, per several established authors who had some strange fans show up at their very doorstep. Something to consider.

Have you found a helpful promotional website? Please leave a comment and share it.


L.A. Mitchell said...

Not one tip, but many. Send an email to: and you'll receive a newsletter filled with links and ideas for promoting your book, print or ebook. Also, Teresa M at Blue Moon gave a wonderful class on book promo. Articles on her website are fantastic. Last tip: Those consumables in the goodie room at National are a no-no. Even if you must invest more money, make it something a potential reader will use over and over. I still have a Gayle Wilson calculator I do bills with. Make sure it applies to the rule of three. If you want to know exactly what that is, read Teresa's articles. And of course, Sandra, word of mouth. We think you're brilliant :-)

Sherry Davis said...

Thanks Sandra and Laura! I'm reading through the notes on the workshop and all the tips are great.

Happy Writing, chicas!

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