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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12 Days of Office Depot Woes

Once Upon a Business, to Office Depot I did go . . .

ONE executive chair I did purchase

TWO hundred $$ did Office Depot over-charge

THREE fraudulent Office Depot charges on my account

FOUR bank rebuttals against Office Depot I did submit

FIVE different Office Depot departments who promised resolution

SIX Office Depot managers I did entreat -- please return my funds

SEVEN regrets for shopping with Office Depot

EIGHT Office Depot customer service agents I did beg -- please return my funds

NINE (90) minutes of typing/faxing/submitting rebuttal letters to Office Depot

TEN hours of listening to bad Office Depot hold music

ELEVEN broken promises from OFFICE Depot -- to date still no funds returned

TWEVLE (120 days) awaiting for funds to be returned.

For those in the business world . . .

for those authors searching for the perfect writing chair . . .

Hear my 12 Days of Office Depot woe.

Shop somewhere -- anywhere else -- and save the woes of miserly Office Depot who taketh but doesn't giveth.

Oh, and in case you really need to get in touch with a living, breathing person who is NOT part of the Customer Service 'useless' wheel -- their corporate number is: 561-438-4800. (It only took 120 days to obtain that phone number.)

If you call Corporate, expect a recording. Of course.
Be sneaky and persistent.
Select any department -- except Customer Service, then press 0 for the Operator and you should get through.

Oh wise shoppers . . .

-- especially do not go into OFFICE DEPOT.


-- and terrible customer service.

Protect your sanity and shop elsewhere.

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