Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Inspiration . . . what inspires you?

Do you need to fill up the well? Jolt that creative side of your muse? What are the things that make your soul sing with joy? What inspires you? Makes you smile when the world is dark and gloomy?
For me . . .

My dad's 80th birthday party -- and my son getting a royal ribbing for being the red-haired grandson.
My dad.

Christmas is more fun in a cowboy hat.
Vacations really inspire me.

Dogs are family, too!

Critique partners -- The Flip-Flop Sisters

The first book cover.
My daughter's college ring.
My son building his own super-sized, mega computer.

Great Scenery!

The Vitamin String Quartet.

Great Music!

What else?

White chocolate, Macadamin Nut cookies. A tall, frosty glass of . . . orange juice. (Gotcha!) My favorite restaurant (Bob's Chop & Steak House). Spring sunrises. Walks with hubby. The perfect sentence.

What inspires you? Do share.
Drop by the porch again, anytime.
Until then,


Pamela Cayne said...

Dang, Sandra--no wonder I love coming by the porch so often. I was totally rooting for this post even before I hit Vitamin String Quartet and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies!!! Thanks for a *lovely* way to start my Wednesday. :-)

Romulus Crowe said...

I write 'dark and gloomy' but it's not easy. Currently working on a dystopia - but I keep having to scratch whole scenes.

The UK government is always one step ahead.

Regina Richards said...

What inspires me? The sound of the hubby and kids closing the front door on their way to work and school. ;)

I adore them! But a quiet house is inspiring to me - as long as it doesn't stay quiet too long.

misa ramirez said...

Sandra, you have some beautiful and inspirational pictures here.

I love that you're inspired by 'the perfect sentence'! That's my favorite. Sometime it gels in such a way that it feels like magic!

Gina said...

What inspires me...the East Texas sunrise over a small farm with a catfish pond and a clapboard barn as I drive to work every morning.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Holy cow...I should have burned that picture when I had the chance. I know it'll come back to haunt us one day...but it sure was fun.

You inspire me, too ;)

Regina Richards said...

Apparently I'm inspired by warm toes and warm hands. I can't write when I'm cold. The snow was beautiful, but I say "come on, Spring!"

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