Sunday, April 27, 2008

READING CHALLENGE . . . on it goes

While I've been away from the computer I've still be reading.

I've finished THE WILD CHILD by Mary Jo Putney and THE FIREBRAND by Susan Wiggs. I know I've read both of these authors before, but I had forgotten how much I enjoyed their works.

THE WILD CHILD by Mary Jo Putney brings to life mental illness in the 18th century and how wives of that era were completely at the mercy of their husbands or guardians. Women could be locked away simply on the word of their supposedly 'better' halves. The novel not only deals with a women's rights issue, but I really liked the unlikely hero in this story.

THE FIREBRAND by Susan Wiggs deals with the great Chicago Fire of the early 1800s, and a woman who was a true suffragist of that era. I loved this heroine's spirit and determination, and her unfailing love for a child. Add a tortured hero and a dog, and what's not to love.

Two lovely reads that kept me totally enthralled. Yep, I'm whittling down my TBR stack one book at a time.

What have you been reading while I was away?

See you next time on the backporch

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Jen FitzGerald said...

I've lapsed on my reading, Sandra, but the Putney book sounds very interesting. I'll have to make a note and get to the library.


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