Monday, December 10, 2007

Cats and Christmas

Does this describe you at Christmas? Squeezed with too much to do?

Or perhaps this one? It seemed like it would be a good idea, but suddenly you're out of room?

Or is Christmas just one lovely surprise after another . . .

I hope the kitties find you enjoying your Christmas spirit.


Travis said...

Great kitties!

Thanks for cruising by my place today!

the teach said...

Sandra, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I agree with you the movie "The HOurs" is one of my favorites. So is the book by Michael Cunningham. The "kitties" are adorable!

Come back again! :)

L.A. Mitchell said...

The top one looks just like my kitty!!

The second one is me trying to wrap a gift with paper that's too small :)

Cute post, Sandra!

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